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Frequently Asked Questions

Our dream is to be a Creative Art Studio that brings Family and Friends together. A creative, collaborative, and safe space where everyone can find something that inspires and excites them.


Q. Who are your Art Classes and Art Kits for?

A. Our products are made for adults, teens and kids. People of all creative skill and experience levels.

We can simplify or make our projects more challenging upon request. 

Let us know in the "Special Instructions"  when ordering or send us a message. We can talk about your ideas.

Perfect for a Family Activity, Paint N Sip Party, Adult or Kids Birthday Party, Social Club Event, Creative Team Building, even as a Fundraiser.

If a posted Art Project, Workshop, or Art Class is made for a age group (ex. adults only or is made for young children) we will let you know in the description.


Q. Do you offer workshops for just adults? What about live group events or online private parties?

A. Oh, yah! You bet we do.

We believe making Art should be fun and an incredible experience.

Our projects, are always more fun when you do it with your friends.

Contact us for a free, no-commitment, consolation to discuss your ideas to host your own sip-n-paint party, birthday party, corporate creative workshop, team building, social group event, fundraiser, scout troop, family activity, or if you just wanna have some fun with friends. 


Q. Do you offer Kids Only art kits, art classes and workshops?

A. Yes, kids are the heart of our family and this business. Most of our classes and projects are inspired by our children, our friends and Girl Scouts.


Q. What about the mess? Do these

A. Getting messy is part of the fun with art - but as parents and busy professionals, we understand no one has time for projects that require a lot of clean up or preparation.  

That’s why Play Arts Studios takes great care to make sure all our projects have simple, step-by-step, easy to follow instructions.

Setup and clean up is quick and easy because most everything you need is included and can be packed backup in the box.

We use quality art supplies in our projects. Our paints are nice and thick. They can easily be cleaned up with a little soap and water on most surfaces.

Some projects may be messier than others so we do recommend that you cover workspace and clothing. The shipping box makes a great table mat and we sell smocks / art aprons to protect your clothes.


Q. How does the ordering process work? I want to purchase a "Paint My Photo," "Paint My Portrait" and/or "Paint My Pet" Art Kit? 

A. First find the photo you want to paint. It helps if you have a place and colors in mind where you want to display your painting when done.

1. On our website navigate to the art kit’s product page that you wish to order.

2. Click on or change the canvas size for the art kit you would like.

3. Select your paint colors from the dropdown bar. To help you decide, we l’ve already put together the color combos we think work the best.

4. Next, upload your photo from your smart device or computer. (This is part of the purchase process.

We are real people, so you can place your order by calling (954) 861-0958 and email us your photo at orders.Playartsstudios@gmail.com).

5. Upon payment, you will get an order confirmation from us. Add us to your contacts, so you don’t miss it.

( If you do not receive an email within 15 mins. of placing your order, we recommend you check your email’s spam or junk folder.)

6. We will then convert your photo into artwork. Each conversation is done by one of our artists. Once we are happy with the results, we then print it on canvas.

7. Stwo-by-step instructions, your custom paint colors are boxed up with each art kit and mailed to you.

They can also be mailed to your residence, place of business, event venue, even individually to each party guest.

8. Now the fun part! Open your box and let's start painting. You'll find all your goodies and step-by-step instructions inside the art box. 

9. If you want to get the most out of your creative experience? Sign up for one of our online virtual art classes, where you can paint your project in real-time with us — and have fun with others while doing it.

10. If you had fun and share your work with your family, friends and with us. We love seeing our fan's work and we wanna see what you made.

Join our Play Arts' Fan Gallery. Leave a review on the product's page and tag us online in your social groups with @PlayArtsStuios and #PlayArtsStudios. Leave us a review on Google at https://g.page/play-arts-studios/review?rc and FaceBook at or send us message privately by email at Info@PlayArtsStudios.com.


Q. What about paint colors? Can I pick my own colors? Can I do add additional colors or only do two or three paint colors?

A. One of the coolest things that make our art kits and art classes different from Painting with a Twist, Yay Maker or other Art Studios is that we do everything custom for you.

We have pre-selected the most common and compatible color combinations for you but if you would like a different color combination? Or would like to add a fifth color? Or do only two or three colors, select "OTHER" and let us know what you would like in the "Special Instructions" comment box.


Q. How do I know if photo I send you will work or look good?

A. Our artists are absolutely amazing at what they do. Image conversions are done by real people — not a computer or an app.

Image resolution is rarely an issue. But if for some reason our team of artists, don't think your photo will work, one of our team members will contact your right away.

For the best results, we recommend picking photos that are focused on only one or two subjects (people, pets or main objects). Frame and crop the photos so that they are large and in the middle of the picture frame. Also, pictures with simple backgrounds, patterns and textures (see the examples used throughout this website) are easier to paint.


Q. How long does it take to get my order?

A. Our Art Kits are usually ship within 5 business days after an order is received.

If you are ordering an Art Kit for one of our classes or events, we kindly ask that you place your order by the "Order By Date" to ensure you get everything in time for the event.


Q. Why are my paint colors different than what I see on your website?

A. We can not guarantee exact color matches. All of our projects are made with the products we sell but every mobile screen and computer monitor display their colors slightly different. So unfortunately, this is not something we can control.


Q. OMG, I totally messed this thing up! Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

A. Yep, we sure do! Although it is extremely rare. We have spent a lot of time testing our methods and products to make sure the instruction, process and application is super easy so that your artwork will stand the test of time.

But if, for some reason ... you make an un-fixable error or are unhappy with your project? Let us know. Your happiness is of great priority to us. Send it back. You pay the return shipping and we'll cover the cost to replace the rest. 


Q. How do I contact you if I have questions?

A. For the quickest reply, you can chat with us right here online by clicking on the little purple message button in the bottom corner of your screen. We typically reply within a few minutes. You may also message ‭(954) 861-0958‬ or email us at Info@PlayArtsStudios.com. 


Visit our site frequently because we are continuously adding new kits and creative workshops, to do just that.


Products: All classes and supplies are purposed and are subject to availability. Classes are subject to a minimum participation. If the minimum number is not reached class may be canceled or rescheduled. You will be notified and given a raincheck if this effects your purchase.

Please note that if for some reason, an item/product is not available at the time of purchase, a comparable item will be used in its place without notice. If you are unhappy with our replacement, please let us know and we will do out best to remedy the concern. 

Damage: Art can be messy. All of the products we use are Non-Toxic and should be easy to clean up but things happen.

You should always take proper precautions to protect your clothing with a smock / apron and work areas with matts. Play Arts Studios is not responsible for any damage to clothing, surfaces, furniture, carpet, or floors.

Delivery: Unfortunately we can not control the mail but we will do what we can to make it better. If you order your art kit by the "Order By Date" and it does not deliver on-time for your class or is lost in transit, contact us and we will help you track it down. If you are not able to do a class we will offer you a raincheck for another comparable class or refund you for the class.