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Group Parties & Events


Host your very own Virtual Painting Party ... 

Great for Pet Lovers, Birthday Parties, Social Groups, Corporate Team Buildings, and even Fundraisers.

We’d love to paint with you! 

Thank you for thinking of us for your group event. Our kits are designed for all ages and experience levels. 😸

We offer 2 types of events for groups: 🎉
Do-it-Yourself with our Party Pack Painting Kits.
2.  Paint with Us Online (2.5 hr Painting Workshop).

🧑‍🎨 Play Arts Studios Group Parties & Event Options:

  1. Do-it-Yourself - Painting Party Packs. You can host the event on your own with the help of our mail order art kits. Guests order our Paint My Pet Art Kits online and checkout with your code. The art kits are then mailed to their address. We’ll include step-by-step, easy to follow painting instructions with every kit.
  2. Book a Live or Virtual Painting Event where you can host from your home or any location. This cost for this is $50.00 + the cost of the Painting Kit. A minimum of 10 attendees and a deposit is needed to hold the date for a live virtual event. *Please note, for safety reasons during COVID hands-on / in-person events with Play Arts team members are considered on a case by case by basis.

    HOW IT WORKS. If you would like for us to set up an online event, we can host a live zoom group event that your guests can log into to paint with us in real-time. You can broadcast from home on a TV or smart device. We are able to interact with the group very much like a live in-person event. We will answer questions as we work through a painting along with your group. Guests order online with your link and the art kits are mailed to their doorstep. Internet/WIFI is necessary. A minimum of 10 attendees is needed.

To get started, we’ll need you answer answer a couple quick questions for us :)

  1. What kind of event would you like to do? D.I.Y. Party Packs or Online Live Virtual Workshop.
  2. Which Art Kit Theme would you like to paint? 😸Paint My Pet, Paint My Portrait or Paint My Photo?
  3. When and where would you like to have your event? (Please note we need 7-10 days to make, fulfill, and mail out the kits.)
  4. How many people do you expect? How many art kits will need to be ordered? Where are the guest the art kits be mailed to?
  5. Will payment be made for the group or will each guest pay individually?

We’re looking forward to meeting and painting with you. 


Play Arts’ Pet Portrait Kits and Personalized Art Kits make fun projects for groups kinds of events! 

Studies show that by leaning into our creativity and expressing ourselves artistically, it engages our subconscious mind – stimulates our focus and communication abilities while reducing stress and anxiety.

Combine that with the joy of spending quality time with friends and family, it’s about the best way you can spend a day.

    Contact us for special pricing on on group events and bulk orders of 15 or more art kits.

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