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Book A Fundraising Event

Play Arts' Art Kits make the perfect FUN and COVID safe way to virtually help raise money for your organization.

Last year in 2020, Play Arts Studios volunteered their time to help Broward Humane Society and Good Karma Pet Rescue raise over $9,000 with our online painting events.

We have a big heart for causes and believe in giving back as part of our business philosophy.

In fact, we want to inspire 1 Million People to be creative and paint by 2025.

Unlike other Painting Nite places, we have a twist. Each of our guests gets to paint their own photos of their pet. They can paint portraits of people, or their favorite landscapes!

You choose.

We'll create a custom event page with a link to your special event page. Here is where they can pick their color theme, the canvas size and upload their photo.

And, that's it! You are done. You just have to show up for the party.

We will send the guests their custom art kits with everything they need to complete the project. We will confirm their order upon receipt and reach out to them if we have any questions about the artwork.

Every kit comes out amazing! 

Instead of paint by numbers, we paint by colors. We convert your photo into simple easy to paint shapes and transfer them onto the canvas. You paint over the template we make of your photo.

Community and social groups can use the group discount from our art kits to help them raise money for their cause or organization. 

We've have helped our local Girl Scouts, Humane Societies, Walk for Animals, Children's Hospital, Cancer Groups, and Women's Social Clubs with our art kits.

If your group or organization is interested in hosting a fundraiser, contact us.

With a quick 15 minute consult, we can discuss how we use the group discounts help you and your charity or cause raise extra money today.

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