Arts & Crafts Class: Color Theory & Fluid Painting 9/15/20 – Play Arts Studios

Arts & Crafts: Color Theory & Fluid Painting

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Recommended: For ages 8+.
Classes will be hosted in-person, online via Zoom.

Date: September 15, 2020, from 4:00 - 5:30 pm (90 min.)
Class Price: $35 ($25 ea. class + $10 art supplies)
Registration Closes: September 08, 2020.

*Siblings and other members of the same household are eligible for a 20% discount.

Learn All About Color in Art.

Understanding how colors make us feel and react subconsciously is an essential tool in every artist's toolbox.

In this class, we'll teach you all about color, the color wheel, how colors mix, and how they can work together or vibrate against each other. Students will also learn about color use in modern culture and even a little color psychology (like green makes you hungry) in this lesson.

This fun project is not only educational but is an excellent addition to their portfolio as well. After 90 minutes, each student will have created an original colorful fluid painting on canvas to display in their room.

The supplies included for this class are:

(1) 9x12 Artists' Canvas
(4) Colored Paints (you pick your colors)
(1) White Base Paint
(1) Floetrol Paint Additive
(7) Disposable Cups
(1) Plastic Straw
(5) Wooden Stir Sticks
(1) Flat Box

Purchase Details: Space is limited to only 15 students.  Siblings and other members of the same household are eligible for a 20% discount.

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