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Paintbrush Set

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Ideal for Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Mixed Media Art


Our multi-purpose paintbrushes are ideal for kinds of art mediums like painting and are soft enough to on the body for Face Painting and Ceramics; yet small enough for Miniatures, Models, and other Arts and Crafts.

These quality paintbrushes ensure a smooth flow of paint. These hairs don’t loosen or fall out when you are creating your artwork. 

The thin plastic handle provides easy control and manageability.


After using the brushes, they are very easy to clean. Simply rinse them with warm soapy water and reshape the brush tips.

Allow them to air-dry and store in any carrying container — a tip-top position up.



Includes 2 Paintbrushes:

  • One #25 Nylon Hair Flat Brush  
  • One #25 Round Detail Brush for Acrylic


Total length about 6.5in (or 165mm).